LT Daniel E. Wilson is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Hospital Administrator, Author and Speaker who after serving his country for 22 years, served an additional 19 years working on the development and deployment of a worldwide DoD Health Facilities management solution. Dan has epitomized the concept of "heart in action" through various business and ministry opportunities that encourage others to pursue their God given purpose in this life.

Dan believes that we are each endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That as we pursue those tenants, we serve one another through our abilities, talents and opportunities. In particular, this nation called America must support, defend and reinforce these cornerstones of humanity for her own preservation, and as a foundation from which we can effectively serve the world today and that of tomorrow.

an and his bride Robin travel the globe seeking opportunities to share hope and encouragement wherever possible. His next book (A.S.K. for Purpose), is targeted for a national release on 4/4/2018.  

Go to Dan’s website to learn more and to order his astounding, adventurous and inspirational books.  Dan is now booking for speaking engagements. You may contact him directly at 717-421-2686.


The A.S.K. Force provides a powerful insight for anyone looking to succeed in the pursuit of their dreams. Dan’s use of his SEAL stories and other adventures are both entertaining and empowering examples of the principles presented by Jesus. A must read by everyone looking to win.

— Mason Weaver, Author & Speaker
The insights revealed in The A.S.K. Force through Dan’s exciting personal adventures are both exceptional and relevant to all who read this book. I’ve personally used the A.S.K. Force on my own journey to the PA Senate and service to the great people of the 33rd District of the Commonwealth.

— PA Senator Richard Alloway II